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Mural art is large drawings on walls depicting various subjects and ideas. They are created on the streets to touch the art and give life a new look. Through this art form, artists can express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings, giving viewers new emotions and perceptions.
Nowadays, "mural" is one of the trends in street art, namely, artistic wall painting, i.e. a drawing on an ordinary high-rise building or an abandoned school. In this way, contemporary art becomes even closer to ordinary people, and we no longer need to go to a museum or gallery to touch the beauty.

Initially, graffiti was frank and reflected the real problems of society. Therefore, the mural, as a form of street art, has become one of the most popular and provocative forms of contemporary art, which can reach a much larger number of people than traditional cultural institutions. However, this unusual wall decor differs from conventional street art in the scale of the depicted image on the wall. Artists use a brush or a can of spray paint to paint the walls.

The art of mural art has emerged relatively recently. But, in a very short time, Ukrainian and foreign artists have decorated the streets of Kyiv with dozens of colorful and large-scale wall paintings. The huge variety of artistic styles used in mural painting is a pleasant surprise, as it makes it possible to apply complex detailed images to the facades of buildings that can be read from both close and far distances. At the same time, as the viewer approaches the mural closer and closer, more and more details and moods that the author wanted to convey with his work can be revealed to him.
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In today's world, art is becoming more and more accessible, and one of its most interesting trends is mural art. This is an extremely bright and spectacular art that can decorate any city or village.

A mural is a painting on a wall that can convey different emotions and moods. It is a creative process in which the artist can freely express his thoughts and feelings. A mural can have different styles and techniques, from classic realism to abstract art.

One of the main advantages of a mural is that it can draw people's attention to the environment and create an unforgettable experience. Such a mural can become a bright accent in any urban landscape and give it a new color.

Murals have become popular all over the world, and their use in urban design helps to reflect different cultural and historical traditions. Ukrainian artists do not stay away from this trend and create unique and extremely colorful murals.

This kind of art has great potential for development and use in various spheres of life. A mural can be a great way to draw attention to social issues or to emphasize the beauty of nature and cultural monuments.

Thus, a mural is an unforgettable element of street art that can decorate any city and give it new colors.
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