Art on the surface: how to decorate your city with unique art objects and graffiti design

How graffiti design can influence the perception of the urban environment and create new opportunities for the development of urban tourism.
Art objects and graffiti designs are becoming increasingly popular ways to transform urban objects into real works of art. Artists working in this style turn ordinary walls, buildings, bridges, and other objects into art elements that attract attention and inspire others.

This art style originated in the late 1960s in New York City when young artists began using graffiti as a way to express their ideas. Since then, graffiti has evolved into a real art form, and its elements have become an important element of urban design.

Artists who work with art objects and graffiti process ideas in their heads, turning them into real works of art on the streets. They use different techniques and materials to create unique and inimitable works.

One example of using art objects for commercial purposes is the creation of small art objects for business. Businesses use such art objects to draw attention to their brand or product. Such art objects can be created from ordinary objects at hand and turn into real works of art that will attract the attention of passers-by and remain in their memory.

In general, art objects and graffiti design are a way of transforming the urban environment and expressing artists' ideas. They draw attention to the environment, beautify cities, and contribute to the development of contemporary art.
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The peculiarity of art objects is their diversity and versatility. These can be large graffiti on the walls of buildings and houses, as well as small compositions created from improvised materials. Due to their accessibility and wide range of uses, art objects have found their application not only in decorating urban spaces but also in the design of commercial facilities and business centers.

Creating small art objects for business has also become very popular. Many companies want to give their products or services an original look by using art elements in their advertising. Artists can use various materials, ranging from ordinary paints and pencils to ceramics, glass, metal, and other materials. Artists create real masterpieces from improvised items such as old pallets, rubber tires, or former furniture elements, turning them into real art objects that can decorate the interiors of offices, shops, restaurants, and other commercial spaces.

Creating art objects is a complex and multifaceted process. It requires not only technical skill and knowledge of various materials but also creative vision and imagination. Artists working in this field usually develop ideas in several stages. First, they get acquainted with the object to be given a new life, study its history and interact with the environment. This is followed by the stage of creating a sketch, which can be done both on paper and in a computer program. After the sketch is approved, the artist begins to create an art object in the real world using various materials and tools.

One of the most famous examples of art objects is graffiti on the walls of city buildings. But besides that, art objects can be made of a wide variety of materials - from wood and metal to glass and ceramics. They can also have different functional purposes - for example, they can be installed on the streets as decorative elements or serve as a means of advertising for businesses.

Thus, art objects are an important component of the modern urban space, not only to decorate it but also to allow artists to express their creative vision and convey their philosophy to the audience. They can also be used to create a unique atmosphere in commercial facilities
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